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Benisimon, Superga, Victoria,....what do all these brands have in common? They are household shoe brands from France, Italy and Spain, whose canvas shoes people all over the world love and adore. One look at the Bensimon Tennis shoe gets you right in the mood for the summer, coconut oil, piña coladas, the beach, sun, sea and waves, all of it. Quite naturally, these shoes have made their way to our sunny, tropical island of Singapore, where eternal summer reigns. Even if it rains, these hardy shoes made of canvas and rubber dry out in a beat, making them low maintenance and easy to upkeep. 

All of these shoes are produced in Europe and a large part of them in Spain-where traditional shoemaking methods such as heatpressing the cotton shoe upper to its rubber sole are used. The result are comfortable, well cut shoes that have stood the test of time. While Itsy Cotton is a very new brand, the design of our Mary Janes and methods used to make our Mary Janes are not. The Spanish factory producing our shoes has been in production for decades, making its designs for a host of well known Spanish retailers and shoe brands like El Corte Ingles (Spanish's version of CKTang), for example. 

Our Itsy Cotton S/S21 Rainbow Collection is now available in 10 summery shades of romantic pinks and reds and more basic colours such as black, grey and denim blue. Itsy Cotton Mary Jane shoes are buttery soft, with an eco leather insole for additional padding and comfort. With a flexible rubber sole that allows for more movement of your little girl's foot, she will be able to hop, skip, jump, run and play all day long in her Mary Janes. The Velcro strap design allows for easy, independent wearing by your little girl, or for you to slip the shoe on and off her without struggle, hassle or fuss and is a huge plus for time pressed parents. Parents love our shoes because they are so comfortable for their children to wear and are such a fuss free experience. 

Both little girls and parents have gone gaga over our shoes, with parents telling us how Itsy Cottons have fast become their daughters' favourite pair to wear out of the house each time. Our Itsy Cottons are simple and luxurious, every little girl's favourite, and you simply must try a pair today. A selection of limited colours are also available at Tangs Orchard and The Elly Store in Cluny Court. 

We would love to hear from you about the pair of Itsy Cotton shoes you have today. Send us an email to and let us know what you think about our shoes. 

Signing off till the next time, toodles!



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