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Disclaimer: This is a PR post. I had previously used SingaPrinting services before they contacted me to do a blogpost on their products. I agreed because I had been a paying customer and truly liked their products. So here goes my review on SingaPrinting.

One of the most exciting and fun things I had to do while creating Itsy Cotton was the conceptualisation of our brand packaging. We had engaged Lydia Starkey to do our brand illustrations. The style of her light, dreamy watercolours reminded me of "The Little Prince" and were perfect. I swooned at the brand icons she created for us - a cloud to represent our brand, a rainbow to present our S/S21 shoe collection and many pairs of Mary Jane shoes to use as our Instagram Story icons. Now we needed to print stickers to paste on our rather basic shoeboxes to give them a bit of oomph. It was really important to me that we did not create unnecessary packaging, given the state of the world today. Therefore the quality of the stickers we printed needed to be extremely good because that was the only branding we were going to be doing for our children's shoes for now. 

Truth be told, I was a bit lost when googling for where to print stickers in Singapore. By a plain stroke of luck, Cupplets (a popular Singaporean bakery that makes the most beautiful looking works of art of cake and cupcakes) shared on one of their Instagram stories that they had printed their bakery logo stickers with SingaPrinting. I really loved the look and feel of their brand packaging and immediately ran to SingaPrinting's website to check them out. Bingo! They had stickers with the exact type of feel I was going for Itsy Cotton. 

I found using their website to print Itsy Cotton stickers really easy. All I had to do was to choose the type of art sticker I wanted (They offer stickers of many different types of materials- paper, vinyl, etc.) and upload the artwork file onto their website in PDF. There was no requirement of vectors or photoshop or anything more advanced than that of your artwork in PDF, so that was a plus in my opinion. They sent me a free PDF proof before they printed my stickers. I thought this was extremely professional of them and this won me right over. Prices were amazing as well (I paid $141 for 2000 stickers!), very important for a small start up where costs really begin to add up at every end. Within a week, I got the stickers I needed and our shoeboxes were transformed! 

Come to think of it, I had printed our postcards with another business earlier on. Though exquisite, the cost of printing these postcards were exorbitant. On hindsight, I would have gone with SingaPrinting if I could. Argh! Well, there's always the next time! One last tip I have to save on further costs is to look out for coupons SingaPrinting offers its first time users. Shipping is free above a certain order value and they also offer coupons for next time use. 

As a new business, sometimes we have to pay unnecessary costs ("tuition fees" as the old timers call it) when setting up our business. It's part of the learning journey, but this sounds less painful than it really is since everything adds up to your business's profit or loss. Looking back, you see things you did right or wrong, shouldn't have paid for, or should have. I truly believe that SingaPrinting's logo stickers were one of the most "bang for buck" things we've done.

So if you're starting a new business and wondering where to go for your branding/packaging needs, I really hope this blog post helps you! 

p.s: They've just revamped their website and it looks grand! Check them out at today!



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